is a series of collaborative events that look to challenge engagement, imagery, action, participation, exchange and discussion in art practice.

IN CONVERSATION with(8)…a Play with Maciej Blazejewski, Fred Vernon & Neil Ferguson

“Those Rehearsals”

The 2 Act play took the form of a meeting about previous meetings about writing a play about a play.

IN CONVERSATION with(7)…Carol Wyss & Neil Ferguson

“Beyond Controls”

Beyond Controls is formed out of 10 sets of 32 drawings.

From initial lines, each drawing was scanned, emailed and printed to be developed further by hand. The repetitive nature of these procedures regularly exposed the limitations and idiosyncratic qualities of scanning and printing.

The structure of the collaboration would always be infinite, sequences without final drawings, statements held in digitized time becoming cycles of series that cannot be closed, like circles that cannot be joined.

IN CONVERSATION with(6)…Peter Bromley, Matthew Vincent-Townend, Neil Ferguson et al.



IN CONVERSATION with(5)…with Maciej Blazejewski, Fred Vernon & Neil Ferguson


IN CONVERSATION with(4)…John T.Freeman, Hugh Gilmour, Irene Godfrey, Qing Qi & Neil Ferguson

“From where YOU sit.”

IN CONVERSATION with(3)…Lucy McGeown & Neil Ferguson

“Ivy Road is an Artwork”.

IN IN CONVERSATION with(2)…Matthew Vincent-Townend & Neil Ferguson

“Circulating Air”

IN CONVERSATION with(1)… Fred Vernon